Now is the Time for Pre-Emergent Purchases

By Chris Darnell

Weeds are the enemy of a healthy and attractive lawn and landscape. Unfortunately, most weeds—including the notorious crabgrass weed—spread like wildfire and can be difficult to control once they’ve emerged. For that reason, it’s not only easier but also less expensive to prevent weeds in the first place than to try and kill them after

Grass Seed: What Should You Buy?

By Chris Darnell

You likely already know that the quality of the grass seed sold at big box stores is generally questionable—but even some suppliers have been known to sell low-quality seed. That’s why we’re here to guide you in navigating the process. What’s in the Bag of Grass Seed? The quality of the grass seed that you’re

How Much Mulch Do I Need?

By admin

When our clients come in to see us, they often ask us, how much mulch do I need for my project? Or, sometimes they’re looking to add decorative rock to a landscape bed or maybe even gravel to a driveway. No matter what the case, there are often questions about how much mulch is really


Why Landscapers Choose Nature’s Mulch for Supplies

By admin

As a landscape professional, your relationships with your suppliers are critical. After all, you understand that their reliability and quality directly impact you. If a client is not happy with the products used on their property for some reason—such as their mulch—you can be sure they aren’t going to figure out who your supplier is

H2B Alternative Labor Options

By admin

  If you’re like a lot of landscape professionals, then the H2B dilemma is likely on your mind. Whether you’ve relied on H2B workers before in the past or not, drastic cuts to the program have made it increasingly difficult for landscape business owners to get workers. Those who have always relied heavily on this

50 Shades of Soil

By admin

  Choosing the right soil for your next landscaping project is important. But you probably know that there can be some major differences from one soil type to another. Not only that but what one supplier is selling versus another can also differ dramatically. In order to help you understand what you’re getting—and make the

Deicers: What You Need to Know

By admin

When it comes to the deicing and snowmelt work that you do, you want a product that works. Your clients are relying on you to effectively clear their spaces and prevent snow and ice build-up and there is no room for error. However, choosing the right deicer can feel like a complicated process given all

What Mulch is Best? What you Need to Know about Mulch…

By admin

Mulching is an excellent addition to any landscape. Of course, there is more to mulch than just making plant beds look great. Mulching can also provide functional benefits to the landscape. You probably already know that mulch is very beneficial to plants because it helps retain moisture during periods of drought. It will not only

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