Tuff Turf


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Tuff Turf

Our Tuff Turf Blend provides a beautiful, dark, lush, green appearance for your lawn, in the sun or shade. Turf-Type Tall Fescue is becoming much more popular as new varieties are darker green and finer bladed. The elite varieties that qualify for the Execu-Turf program includes only varieties that have "excellent" to "very good" ratings in NTEP* trials for disease ratings, genetic color, density and over-all turf quality.

Tuff Turf Blend is an excellent blend for new lawns.


  • 100% Elite rhizomatous Tall Fescues (3) - self repairing

  • Excellent durability for high traffic areas

  • Dark green color with finer leaf blades

  • Excellent drought and disease tolerance

  • Early spring green up

  • Only overseed into existing Turf Type Tall Fescue lawns

  • Sunlight needed: Full Sun to Partial Shade

  • Soil Types: Clay to Sand

  • Maintenance: Medium

  • Fertility: Medium

  • Traffic: Very Good

Seeding rate:

  • New lawn: 8-10 lbs per 1000 sqft

  • Over seeding: 4-5 lbs per 1000 sqft  **(Overseed only into Tuff Turf or other tall fescue lawns)**

  • 350-425 lbs per acre

More things to know:

  • Weight of Bag: 50 lbs

  • Maximum planting depth: 1/4"-3/8"

  • Seeding time: Feb-May & Aug-Oct 20th

  • Approx germination time: 10-21 days