Magic Minus Zero ®
Carbohydrate-Based Anti-Icer/De-Icer with Magnesium Chloride
$4.99 / gallon
Nature’s Hot Brine
All Natural Liquid Calcium Chloride with 5% Liquid Magnesium Chloride
$0.99 / gallon
Nature’s Natural Melt
Non-Tracking, Safe on New Concrete
$13.99 / gallon

Bulk Salt*

Tri-Axle/Rock Salt $99.99 per ton Delivered (22-25 tons)*
Tri-Axle/Magic Salt ® $139.99 per ton Delivered (22-25 tons)*
Rock Salt, price per scoop $119.99 (approx. 2,000 pounds)
Magic Salt ®, price per scoop $159.99 (approx. 2,100 pounds)

Bag Salt*

Pallet Price Individual Price
Morton’s Safe-T-Salt $6.25/bag $8.25/bag
Magic Salt ® $13.75 / bag $15.75 / bag
Hot Rock EcoGuard+CMA
Purple, Magnesium Chloride Coated Rock Salt
$9.99 / bag $11.99 / bag
Morton’s Ice Melter Pro, Blue $10.99 / bag $12.99 / bag
Calcium Chloride $16.99 / bag $18.99 / bag

*Bulk load delivery prices good in Jefferson County only

*Multi-Pallet/Multi-Tonage Discounts Available, Please Contact Tom at (502) 442-7668

Magic-0® by ProMelt

Magic-0 by ProMelt liquid concentrate is a proprietary blend of magnesium chloride and feed grade molasses. Magic-0 by Promelt is a versatile de-icing liquid that can be used for anti-icing, onboard pre-wetting, pre-treating salt or to enhance salt brine.

Features and Benefits:

Magic-0 by Promelt is a premium liquid de-icer that is economical and delivers superior performance in colder environments with a eutectic point of approximately -49F.

  • Salt pretreated or pre-wetted with Magic-0 by ProMelt works at lower temperatures than traditional dry salt.
  • Magic-0 by ProMelt reduces bounce and scatter thereby reducing salt application rates which saves time, labor, fuel and materials.
  • Meets the stringent requirements of the PNS (Pacific Northwest Snowfighters) for corrosion, toxicity and performance.
  • Magic-0 by ProMelt can also be used as an enhancer to salt brines to reduce corrosion, lower freeze points and increase working time.
  • Strong residual effect provides lasting performance and reduces chloride brine runoff.

Typical Product Application Rates

Magic-0 by ProMelt is specifically designed for anti-icing, direct application de-icing, frost prevention and prewetting of solids. Typical liquid application guidelines are:


Application rates of 16-29 gallons per lane mile are typical. Up to 38 gallons per lane mile should be considered the maximum in any anti-icing situation.

Direct Liquid Application De-icing

Application rates of 38-42 gallons per lane mile.


Application rates of 5-15 gallons per ton of substrate, depending upon the solid used and the performance objective.

Over 8 times less corrosive than regular rock salt, when tested on metal.

Metal Corrosion Tendency

Metal Corrosion Tendency
Disclaimer: Application rates are just guidelines. The end-user is recommended to adjust application rates based on weather conditions, level of service goals and experience. The guidelines presented are made without guarantee, warranty or responsibility of any kind on our part.

Comparative Effective Temperatures During Dilution

Comparative Effective Temperatures During Dilution

Magic Salt ®

Features and Benefits:

  • Magic Salt® can only be made by treating rock salt with Magic-0®.
  • Magic Salt® delivers superior ice melting results at temperatures as low as -25F.
  • Treated with a high-performance blend of feed grade molasses and magnesium chloride, it melts snow and ice fast with long-lasting results.
  • Premium Liquid coated crystals for immediate melting
  • Safe for pets, plants and people
  • Use 20-40% less product than regular rock salt
  • Long-lasting performance reduces re-application frequency

Hot Rock by Eco Guard


  • Screened to size and dyed bright in color for optimum spreadability.
  • Sodium chloride coated with a liquid magnesium chloride and organic corn derived ice melter.
  • Organic product builds in pavement each application to provide residual ice melting throughout winter.
  • residual build up of ice melter in pavement results in less chlorides used.
  • Effective to -20° Fahrenheit

Made With ECO SMART Technology


A proprietary coating of organic corn derived and magnesium chloride ice melt liquid blend results in less corrosion by creating a barrier between the salt and metal.


The organically derived liquid coating acts as a tackifier while also adding weight to each ice melting crystal resulting in less bounce & scatter.


The organically derived liquid coating creates a build up of the ice melter in the pavement throughout winter as it is applied creating a residual effect and a longer lasting melt.


The build up of the organically derived liquid coating acts as an anti-stick barrier (similar to butter in a hot pan) Decreasing snow & ice hard pack & allowing the pavement to be scrapped clean.


The result of applying less ice melter (Chlorides) due to less bounce and scatter and a longer lasting residual effect make this product safer for the environment compared to rock salt & calcium chloride.

* Each salt crystal is coated with a de-icing liquid from a refined corn carbohydrate derivative blended with magnesium chloride.



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