Discover the ICE BITE Advantage

Ice Bite is a highly versatile liquid sugar beet-based anti-icer/de-icer

Ice Bite reduces the overall amount of salt applied, saving money and the environment

Ice Bite lowers the overall lane mile/acreage costs of snow and ice removal

Ice Bite can be added to brine, added at the spinner (prewetting), or used to treat bulk stockpiles

Ice Bite mixes with all brines and stays blended

Ice Bite has proven residual effects that will extend the life of your salt brine by as much as 3 days

Ice Bite’s residual strength prevents ice, snow, and hard-pack from bonding to the pavement; eliminating the need for 2nd and 3rd applications of chlorides

Ice Bite treated salt stays on the road surface

Ice Bite greatly reduces corrosion on metal equipment

Ice Bite is highly effective at melting snow, ice, black ice, and preventing frost to a temperature of -20 F

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