Natural Melt-SM

Natural Melt-SM is our most advanced anti-icing technology

Natural Melt-SM is safe for use on new concrete and all metals

Natural Melt-SM contains no chlorides, no sulfates, and no nitrates

Natural Melt-SM passes the strict laboratory requirements of the Pacific Northwest Snow Fighters

Natural Melt-SM has residual effects to prevent ice and hard pack from bonding

Natural Melt-SM is effective to temperatures below -30 F

Natural Melt-SM is the safest and most natural way to manage snow and ice with absolutely no impact on vegetation

Recommended Usage

Natural Melt-SM can be used as an effective anti-icer or de-icer. We recommend using it on new concrete, driveways, stairs, patios, pavers, etc… Any area that you do not want ruined, chipped, or destroyed, Natural Melt-SM is the perfect solution.

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